Reach Out to Kids

Meet Park Place Outreach - a nonprofit organization Youth Emergency Shelter that provides support for children and teens in crisis in Savannah and the surrounding area.


Old Savannah Insurance Agency is teaming up with Park Place to raise money for their program. Homeless, abused or runaway teenagers can self-admit themselves into this shelter. Whenever possible, the organization's goal is to keep kids off the street and reunify families.

The money raised will be spent on direct care for youth residents and operational expenses for the shelter. It takes $144 a day to provide food, clothing and services to the children in need. The money will go towards 365 days of services to children ages 11 to 17 who are residents of the shelter.

"When I first came to Park Place Outreach, I was very angry and mad about the whole idea. After about the 3rd day being there, more kids started to come. I learned that I wasn't the only one going through problems, and after talking to the different children I realized that some of their problems were actually worse than time. Being in Park Place helped me to learn to cooperate with kids my age and adults, even if I didn't feel the need to. Also, being here made me closer with my mom and getting the right understanding of things. Calling her and seeing her on visitation days gave me the inspiration to leave Park Place with a different attitude. I think being with kids around my age gave a major purpose to being a lot happier at Park Place. When I go home I plan to make situations at home better. By following instructions just like I had to follow instructions in Park Place Outreach, doing the things that was asked of me, even if I didn't want to or feel the need to do. By doing what is expected rather wanting to or not, causes others to be happier and saved me from an argument."

Join us in supporting local kids who desperately need help!

James Grusheski

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Reach Out to Kids